Hi! This is my not so scientific opinion of what happens to raindrops in the sky. It was so much fun to come up with descriptions and words that fit the scene. Hope you enjoy!



I have been up here for quite some time. The longer I spend above the Earth, the more raindrops friends joined me. It was nice and cozy in the cloud, sort of like a big cushy bed. The other raindrops were nice enough. We chatted away day after day discussing the trivial affairs raindrops discuss. I wanted adventure. Life in the cloud bored me.

After what seemed forever, the cloud began to fill up. More and more raindrop friends started to appear. The cloud was getting crowded. I could feel myself getting heavier. Raindrops around me began falling out of the cloud. It was time! It was time to leave the cloud and see the real world. I could not have been more elated. I had waited for this moment as long as I could remember.

I waited and waited, and finally, I felt myself slipping out of the could. I moved like butter through the fluffy cloud. I went deeper into the clouds, not knowing what to expect. Soon I couldn’t see my fellow raindrops anymore. All I could see was dark grey of the of the cloud. I felt a bit scared. I had no clue what was beyond the safe embryo I had spend all my time in. I wanted out. I wasn’t ready for the world yet. I tried to retreat back to the safety net of the cloud, but I couldn’t resist the relentless pull.

Before I knew it, I was free falling. I couldn’t see the Earth yet because I was still above the clouds. They were fierce and stormy looking. As I fell, I crashed through other clouds filled with other raindrops. At first, the sky was open and roomy, but soon other raindrops joined my plummet. The sky grew more crowded and we started bumping into each other. I molded with the other raindrops and our consciousnesses became one.

Now there was hardly any room in the sky. Raindrops were colliding clumsily right and left. Someone from behind ran into me and a small shock jumped between us. I heard other shocks going off around me. They grew louder until finally a huge flash of light encompassed the sky. Immediately afterward came a tremendous crash that shook me right down to the molecules of me being. It happened again, louder and brighter this time. The awe-inspiring shocks lit up the clouds around me for moments at a time.  They were bold and furious against this obscure shadow realm.

It was a while before I fell below the clouds, but it was well worth the wait. I burst through the last layer of clouds and was hit with a blinding light from all around. The thick layer of clouds had blocked out the sun. Now, there was nothing holding back its fiery rage. I felt the intense heat of the sun weakening my surface tension. The air rushed past me at speeds I never could have fathomed as I plummeted towards the Earth.

As I got closer to the surface, the sun hit me at a curious angle. The sunlight passed through me and the sun hit me in such a way as to make color. The color resembled the color of the Earth below me. It was a rich forest green. The other raindrops around me took on other colors. Some were also green but in a slightly different shade. My shade was a refreshing, verdant green. It was tender and lush, but still mysterious and enigmatic. It looked like it could be the top of a grand noble tree. The precious moment quickly departed and left me feeling a bit empty.

I continued falling at an alarming rate. The terrain became clearer as the ground rushed closer. I was headed towards rolling hills filled with a beautiful golden wheat field. The sharp contrast between the navy grey skies and the rich fields was brilliant. The sun hit the shafts of wheat so they radiated into the brooding sky. As I fell closer, I could make out a scarecrow in the fields and a humble cabin at the base of the hill.

What really drew my attention was a grand oak tree standing tall at the top of the hill. It had a wide gnarled trunk, twisted and knotted with age. The crown was a thick, dark green sphere, gracefully shading the hill like an umbrella. I hurdled towards the trees with tremendous speed. A gust of wind blew me so I was on course to land right in the center of the leaves. I began to be able to make out individual leaves on the tree. I saw little acorns and twigs in the tree.

The moment I hit the tree shocked me. I slammed into a wide leaf and I shattered into pieces. My consciousness split into hundreds of smaller droplets. I could feel myself slipping through the branches of the tree, slowly making, my way down to the roots. The branches got thicker as I descended. The brightness of the sun slipped away, stolen by the multitude of leaves. I began to feel the cold earth through my tendrils of consciousness.

The ground was already dampened by the rain. It was cold. I was spread all over the ground beneath the tree. I sat on the earth waiting for whatever might happen next. It was strange to be at rest after spending all my time in the sky. The ground was firm and unmovable I began to think my voyage might be over. Until I started to move again

I started sinking into the earth. My individual particles soaked into the ground weaving through bits of rock and sand. It is funny to think that at one point I had never seen the ground; now I was seeing it in such detail I could make out every particle. I felt one with the Earth. My consciousness blended with that of the ground and the other raindrops. I grew richer with minerals and salts as they dissolved into me.

I sat at rest for a while, thankful for the break, before I was drawn up again. The tree’s roots were spread through the ground soaking up nutrients and water from the fresh rain. I felt myself being slowly tugged up into the grand oak’s roots and trunk. I was becoming part of the tree.

By the time I had been fully absorbed into the tree, my consciousness was spread so thin I was almost incoherent. I could vaguely feel the warm sun at the top of the crown as the wind gently rustled the leaves. I could feel the faint contrast of the grass waving and the tree trunk standing tall against the wind. As I slipped away from the conscious life, I was grateful for this gentle, bittersweet ending.


  1. What a fun story! Once again, I love your descriptive language and your imagination. I found myself genuinely concerned for your little anthropomorphised droplet.

    Liked by 1 person

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